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How to do a Weave Ponytail

Want To Learn How To Do A Weave Ponytail?

How To Do A Weave Ponytail
The secret to a perfect looking weave ponytail is getting the foundation as smooth as you can and using hair extensions that look as natural as possible.

What You Need

* Light-hold Sculpting Gel
* Snag-Free Hair Elastics
* Invisible Hair Pins
* Pack of Weave Hair/Drawstring Ponytail

Step 1

Wash, deep condition and blow dry your hair. Clean, conditioned hair is the best start to every hairstyle.

Step 2

Gather your hair in one. Use a wide tooth comb and gently comb your hair into one at the spot you want the ponytail to be.

Step 3

Mold your ponytail base with gel.

* Take a little bit of conditioning hair gel and smooth it into your hair.
* Keep smoothing your hair into the position you want (use a soft brush to help get all your edges smoothed down as well).

Step 4

Secure the base of the ponytail.

* Use snag free hair elastic and secure the base of your hair.
* Take the ends of your hair and wind them around the base of the hair elastic.
* Use 2 or 3 pins to secure the ends together with the base of the elastic band.

Step 5

How to do a weave ponytail (using weft hair).

* Use a pin to attach the end of the weave track to base of the hair elastic (start on top of your own hair).
* Wrap the weave track around the base of the bun (use another hair pin every two times you go around).
* Use 2-3 more pins to secure everything to the base of your bun one last time.

How to do a weave ponytail (using a drawstring ponytail).

* If you’re using a drawstring ponytail do steps 1-4, then attach the ponytail with the combs securely at the base of your bun.
* Pull the strings tight and use two hairpins to secure the end of the strings to the base of the ponytail.

Step 6

Wrap the base of the ponytail.

* Take a piece of weave hair and wrap it around the base of the attached hair to hide the track line.
* Secure the ends with 1 or 2 more pins.

Step 7

Style the ponytail.

* Curl it, flip it, wave it or just leave it straight.
* Spray with a light oil sheen for a glossy finish.

Weave Ponytail Tips

Here are some more tips on how to do a weave ponytail and make it look natural and maintain your new hairstyle.

* Use hair extensions that match your hair’s texture. That guarantees you get the natural look you want.

* Human hair is always a better choice to do ponytails. It gives a nicer finished look and you can style it with hot tools.

* If your edges are out of control, tame them with gel. Use a silk scarf to tie them down for half an hour and they’ll behave.

* This style can last 3-4 days if you tie it down at night. Fluff the ponytail and use a little oil sheen every morning.

* Be careful putting hairpins in. If it feels bad, take it out and try again. You really don’t want pins digging into your scalp all day (it’s really uncomfortable!)

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  1. That is a great step-by-step article for adding a weave ponytail.

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